Sustainability Knowledge Group and Managing Director, Aglaia Ntili, successfully delivered the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional course (ILM Certified) on the 16th and 17th of October, in partnership with CSR Cyprus. The training course was exclusively delivered to the members of CSR Cyprus and gathered a diverse group of participants, all leaders in their filed, from diverse industry sectors such as telecoms, financial services, aviation, construction, pharmaceuticals, non-governmental organizations, learning institutions and professional services.

The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional training is offering a comprehensive viewpoint to Sustainability. The training enabled the participants to become familiar with all key areas of Sustainability and CSR, including current trends, challenges, standards, and strategies and provided them with the necessary practical skills to support their organization in the Sustainability journey. The training focused on building internal strengths, utilising Sustainability as a competitive advantage and a holistic approach to overcome business risks.

This 2-day interactive training course was filled with clever corporate activities, which focused on the strategic and operational aspects of Sustainability and CSR, materiality, sustainability reporting, building competitive advantage, strengthening stakeholder engagement, communicating corporate purpose and battling business uncertainty.

We are proud to see our participants full of confidence ready to take up the Sustainability agenda to the next level in their organizations and we are delighted to be a part of nurturing the new generation of Sustainability leaders.

About CSR Cyprus:

CSR Cyprus was established in November 2016 as a non-profit organization and is the national business network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Cyprus. The main purpose of CSR Cyprus is the promotion, development and implementation of CSR with the ultimate goal of achieving balanced profitability and sustainable development.

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