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Sustainability Strategy Services

Our approach to strategy recognizes that even the smallest change can influence organizational risk profile and requires planning of company’s resource allocation. We have a long experience on developing comprehensive business strategies and action plans grounded in sound metrics, and extensive knowledge to link your capabilities with Sustainability goals and performance targets, enabling you to overcome the challenges of a sustainable global economy.

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Sustainability Strategy

For a number of organizations, there is not a clear approach to embracing the principles of sustainable development in daily operations. With rising global, governmental and public expectations, connecting business and sustainability becomes a challenging endeavor. A well-crafted sustainability strategy can unlock growth and improve business performance and customer propositions. Relying on broad experience, Sustainability Knowledge Group helps businesses to build on their capabilities, enhance long-term value and maintain a strong foundation for business strategy.

We can support you to create a dynamic mix of social, environmental, economic and organizational sustainability across your company and business activities. Moreover, we can help you incorporate your Sustainability strategy to existing business frameworks, integrate sustainability to business as usual and make it part of your culture and identity.

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Supply Chain & Circular Economy

Today’s global market is characterized as highly unstable and volatile, exposing organizations to constant shocks and disruptions. Crucial role in performance and long-term growth of any business belongs to a well-organized and managed supply chain. In order to thrive, businesses of all kinds must be aware of their supplier reliability, global trends, customer preferences, ESG cost implications and legislation. Unlike conventional supply chain strategies and approaches that are unable to respond to these challenges, a holistic system that accounts for a broad view of impacts, can lead to timely risk identification and financial savings. A robust system for successful transition to a circular economy model is currently the requirement of the most mature organizations.

We will help you to:

  • Take steps in managing a supply chain more responsibly and develop a compelling business case
  • Recognize strategic partners, look beyond direct supplier relationships and create incentives for strong sustainability performance
  • Identify business drivers, establish a vision, objectives and sustainability expectations
  • Establish sustainable supply chain management, tools and approaches
  • Encourage your suppliers to improve their processes and products to capitalize on circular economy opportunities
  • Establish measurement system and track performance against goals setting up the right KPIs
  • Be transparent and report on progress.

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Internal Sustainability Management

There is a rising need for organizations to incorporate sustainability into their business practices in order to lead in a new era of sustainable development. Organizations look for professionals who are capable of providing extended support, from “greening products” to delivering social impact, achieving zero environmental impact, developing and implementing local initiatives or structuring long term sustainability strategies. Like any organization-wide effort, managing sustainability successfully, requires setting and organizing departments, committees, subcommittees and working groups who will support these sustainability professionals in elevating sustainability performance. A framework for sustainability requires charters and defining responsibilities that will allow for the smooth incorporation of sustainability into all organizational processes and operations.

Sustainability Knowledge Group assists organizations to strengthen their capabilities and implement practical Sustainability solutions successfully across their operations, by reinforcing existing structures and helping develop new systems that fit within existing business models.

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SDGs and Standards Integration

The Sustainable Development Goals came into force in 2016 with the aim to achieve a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable society by 2030. SDGs business model aids organizations in achieving business growth and productivity while ‘moving the world towards a sustainable and inclusive development path’. As organizations strive to be more proactive in getting the most from the Goals to support brand purpose, accelerate growth and maximise impact, Sustainability Knowledge Group provides tools and tangibles methodologies to navigate past risk and focus on opportunities reflected in the SDG Agenda. Businesses that have strong sustainable practices and support the achievement of SDGs enjoy wider business benefits, including:

  • Profitable growth and improved performance
  • Outperform the market
  • Delivery of innovative and effective solutions
  • High caliber employee retention rate
  • Improved public image and reputation
  • Attractiveness to investors
  • Capability to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks
  • Establishment of sustainable, inclusive and resilient business models

We can set a clear action plan to accelerate progress against reaching selected goals, align strategies with laws, local regulations and policies based on the Global Goals, fuel inclusive growth and achieve tangible results.

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Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Criteria is a set of standards applied by socially responsible investors while making investing decisions. It is an umbrella term for investments that have a long-term impact on society and environment and seek positive returns. The latest report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in US showcases that $8.72 trillion out of $40.3 trillion is managed under responsible investment strategies in 2016.

ESG impacts a company’s valuation and cost of capital along with its overall profitability and long-term viability. ESG criteria are included in some mainstream analysis; however, many challenges remain in demonstrating the value of corporate responsibility to investors, rating agencies and CFOs.

Sustainability Knowledge Group provides analysis and solutions to institutional investors and asset managers to make their investments decisions against a broad set of key performance indicators (KPIs) in corporate spheres such as:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor Relations
  • Environmental Management
  • Innovation
  • Good Governance, anti-bribery and corruption

We can identify and support you in managing current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks that will be leading the new business era.

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