CSR and Sustainability resources to download

Guidebook: How to Create Value from Climate Change

This practical and insightful guidebook is the key tool of the Business Knowledge Platform, of Lebanon Climate Act, which Sustainability Knowledge Group supported as the Knowledge Partner. Download the guide and use our tools to identify ways to manage Climate Change risks and recognize opportunities in the wider Sustainability field.

2017: The Year of Giving

National Strategy for the Year of Giving highlights six strategy pillars, which are conducted by a minister in a related field. The process involves coordination between federal and local authorities for major projects, following up the developments and accomplishments and regularly reporting to the Higher National Committee for the Year of Giving. The outline of the program can be found in our ”Year of giving” brochure.

The GRI Standards Reference Sheet

This 2-page Reference Sheet presents the key components of The GRI Standards. It is simple to use and gives you a great overview of the updated framework.

 The CSR and Sustainability Glossary

We realize the misconceptions that exist in the CSR and Sustainability field and this tool is developed for everyone to use!

The CSR and Sustainability Glossary is a simple, explanatory and helpful way to get acquainted with all the key terms surrounding Sustainability and CSR. It is a great educational and professional tool, which can be used to complement your knowledge of CSR and Sustainability.

 Sustainability Assessment Tool

A great tool that comes in the form of a short, yet insightful questionnaire in order to give the opportunity to everyone to try out a Sustainability Assessment and be more aware of how a Sustainability Assessment Tool could look like.

The GRI-G4 Reporting Guidelines Reference Sheet

This 2-page Reference Sheet is simple, short, yet complete. It helps you navigate easily around the disclosures of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) version G4 of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

 A Career in Sustainability What does this really mean?

This presentation took place on November 1st 2015, at The British University in Dubai as part of the Sustainability Business Network (SBN) – Green Career Briefing. Aim of the presentation is to provide an overview of what working in the Sustainability and CSR field looks like, as well as the basic responsibilities and traits of a Sustainability professional. The presentation was developed with the purpose to unlock the secrets of a career in Sustainability.