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Communication & Recognition

Many organizations do not have established recognition programs to reward their stakeholders for achieving environmental and/or social targets. We know how important it is to provide recognition which meets needs of each organisation and especially its employees. Besides having a sound system for appreciation, the key factor for success is effective communication. Timely and to the point communication is an important skill needed to drive relationships, team effectiveness, employee engagement and ultimately profitability within organizations. Well-planned communication via multiple channels reinforces recognition initiatives and leads you to desirable outcomes. Company values, core strategies and company culture need to prevail the working environment and recognition programs to be directly linked to stakeholders’ expectations and behaviors.

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Green Marketing & Internal Communication

Social and environmental responsibility has become a priority for all stakeholders who consider important the company’s compliance with global standards and protocols. In a fast pacing and competitive environment, it is of crucial importance to develop authentic and effective sustainable products/services and marketing campaigns that reflect transparency and eliminate greenwashing.

We can help you to:

  • Gain in-depth understanding of Sustainability and CSR ecosystem and future development
  • Train your employees to develop reliable communication plans and campaigns that genuinely reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and CSR
  • Avoid risk of “greenwashing”
  • Learn how to leverage CSR activities to be relevant to internal and external stakeholders
  • Inspire employees to take action and participate in CSR initiatives
  • Communicate to communities how you are working to deliver good, what has been achieved and future plans

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Awards Submission

Our clients request from us to recommend awards, prepare or review their submissions and ultimately secure their win. After considerable years of experience, we are sure in hints and tips on how to put together awards applications which increase your chances of winning. With a 100% success rate in Europe and the Middle East, we can support you to collect evidence, focus on metrics, utilize examples and testimonials that will make your entry stand out.

Winning awards:

  • Helps your brand recognition globally and locally
  • Reinforces your expertise
  • Contributes to your competitive advantage and credibility

We want you to win!

  • We choose wisely an award that fits your business
  • Create astonishing write-up that meets events requirements

Tailor your submission to each award’s specifications

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Guidebooks & Internal Toolkits

We can develop practical and comprehensive sustainability toolkits and guidebooks to assist companies in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. We research, use credible sources, information and accurate data that will help produce great materials to share internally and externally. Internal materials can include learning resources, guides, studies, practical action books necessary to inform and engage with your audience. Providing insights of sustainable and ethical business, you will be able to educate suppliers, involve employees and community, engage other stakeholders while also raising awareness of your brand and informing on innovation, advancements or initiatives.

Well-structured Toolkits and Guidebooks represent a tangible way of communicating your commitment to Sustainability and when linked with educational activities or engagement initiatives can have multiplying benefits.

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Sustainability initiatives can be often rejected as both time and resource consuming activities with uncertain outcomes. Although Sustainability and CSR are very frequently used nowadays, the concept of gamification is not often applied in this context. The concept of applying game design techniques and game mechanics is a great tool to use in day-to-day operations related to green behavior. The desire for achievement, status, and recognition are engraved in human nature. Through gamification solutions, companies can leverage them and channel employees, client behavior towards ecofriendly habits, community building and collaboration.

Why is the gamification used?

  • To reward stakeholders and build trust into the brand
  • To drive desired behaviors that benefit the brand
  • To increase desired engagement by rewarding users who accomplish tasks
  • To prompt users to elevate their status and increase engagement by showcasing talents, expertise and accomplishments

The idea is quite simple: we can gamify your tasks and challenges that lead to sustainable future.

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Storytelling for Sustainability and CSR

Organizations carve out their competitive advantage through compelling storytelling that shapes human’s ability to imagine and act upon. Stories have a real power to attract and inspire readership to make a change and engage into actions more effectively. Positive messages are easier to remember and will yield better results.

Our broad global experience prompts us to develop the most successful business narratives which showcases your environmental and social contribution and outcomes of your actions. Moreover, we look at storytelling as more than just a narrative tool to present your sustainability and social initiatives. Our goal is to empower and motivate the audience and connect them to your mission. We support your business  through our talent to connect your strategy with positive impact on people, planet and profit.

Communicate a moral of the story that inspires audience to devote and believe in a better, sustainable future!

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