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Sustainability has emerged as the defining characteristic of companies shaping the business landscape

It is an essential aspect of corporate behaviour and a guiding principle for business success.
Beyond being a legal requirement or stakeholder expectation, a driver for innovation, social impact, loyalty or profit, a cultural obligation, a response to trends or peer pressure, Sustainability and Corporate responsibility need to be a conscious choice. Our vision at Sustainability Knowledge Group is to help companies, organisations and professionals make “Sustainable Business a Choice” by enabling them to understand the values and value of Sustainability, by supporting them to act strategically, systematically, locally or globally and empowering them to leave their mark by being sustainable.

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated in creating value for businesses through strategic advisory and training solutions. In recognition of the importance of sustaining competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, we support companies to develop and apply strategies that minimise risks and demonstrate leadership.

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ENGIE AMEA 2nd Sustainability Report
ENGIE AMEA 2nd Sustainability Report

Press Release Sustainability Knowledge Group has supported ENGIE AMEA with their second Sustainability Report for the region of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa (AMEA). We are very proud to be an integral part of ENGIE AMEA’s sustainability journey. Our team was...

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Are cities ready for extreme heat?
Are cities ready for extreme heat?

Since the start of summer 2022, several regions of the world have seen record-breaking heat waves, leading to deaths, wildfires, and glacier collapses, all of which are predicted to grow increasingly frequent. Extreme heat in western Europe is creating deadly...

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