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ISSP Members only meetings

The Sustainability Meetup organizes members only meetings and events to enhance the professional development of Sustainability professionals, members of the ISSP.

The ISSP members only meetings are exclusive meetings, developed to support knowledge exchange among ISSP members, to address specific topics and further nurture a friendly and professional atmosphere that supports Sustainability.

In members only meetings you may expect to:

  • Discuss the latest trends and investigate how Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) can implement new practices
  • Share and exchange experiences, showcase best practices and lessons learned with members who operate locally and internationally
  • Be encouraged to consider activities, strategies or developing partnerships that balance social, environmental, and economic considerations and create positive impact
  • Create the basis for future development and innovation through an open platform

The meetings are held in regular intervals, upon request of members or after identification of an opportunity to address specific topics that are of interest to members.

ISSP Members only meetings are delivered online or in physical format with an estimated duration of 2 hours for the physical and 1.5 hour for the online meetings.

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