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Stakeholders & Social Impact

Sustainability Knowledge Group is dedicated to helping organizations make a positive impact on communities at local, national and regional level. Stakeholder engagement is closely connected with realization of organization ability to create and enable positive impact and makes it the most important component of business purpose. Successful stakeholder management improves communication throughout the organization and fosters genuine relationships based on trust, mutual understanding and cooperation, ultimately safeguarding the company’s reputation and its social license to operate.

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SROI Analysis

Responsible companies create value across their operation chain in many different ways. For many organizations however, the real benefits of the social value created remain unclear. The vast majority of organizations still struggle to identify and quantify the impacts their initiatives and programs have on their stakeholders. 

Through SROI (Social Return On Investment) analysis, Sustainability Knowledge Group will help you identify and understand the social value you create in addition to the financial value generated. Through structured methodology, we will help you to capture and maximize the positive social impact you create and communicate it in financial terms. We will support you to use SROI outcomes to communicate clearly with your stakeholders where and how you create value and strengthen your trust and relationship. SROI methodology is a consistent approach that will help you account for the impact you create and allow you to make more informed decisions, ultimately maximising the investments you and your stakeholders are making for every initiative.

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Stakeholder Engagement

With limited time and resources, companies are confronted with a number of challenges when attempting to identify, prioritize and manage expectations of stakeholders who may have conflicting interests. We offer a structured methodology for long-term stakeholder engagement through assessment and planning tools.  

With our guidance, organizations:

  • Can better identify, map and understand the needs and concerns of internal and external stakeholders and thus make informed strategic decisions for long-term business success
  • Be able to develop enhanced responsiveness to respond to imminent challenges
  • Can build a stronger case for securing resources and commitment, as stakeholder engagement is the key for successful implementation of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (CSR) programs
  • Can align corporate strategy with internal and external stakeholder priorities and expectations

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CSR Initiatives

Market share, financial performance and product/service differentiation are not enough anymore to set companies apart from competition. Media, the general public and employees put high pressure on companies to go beyond the profits and business basics. Companies are called to adopt a new paradigm for leadership through engagement, brand purpose and transparent commitment to bringing solutions to social and environmental problems.

For many years, Sustainability Knowledge Group has been supporting companies and organizations in creating and implementing CSR Initiatives into everyday business. By making CSR initiatives become systematic and integral elements of the business, the company can move from implementing the strategy and securing organizational alignment to leading by example.

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