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The Sustainability Meetup Initiative organizes open meetings that are public and free.

Esteemed guest speakers in every meeting support our vision by sharing their experience and lessons learned.

What to expect in an open meeting:

  • Meet like-minded professionals
  • A friendly and professional atmosphere that supports Sustainability
  • Guest presentations from leaders in the field that have a strong learning element
  • Be informed on the latest trends and developments at a global and local level
  • A safe space to raise questions and get valuable input
  • Discuss opportunities for partnerships

Topics addressed in past meetings include: understanding CSR and Sustainability, Sustainable supply chains, communicating CSR and Sustainability, employee engagement, Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), CSR programs and Initiatives.

Open meetings are delivered online or in physical format with an estimated duration of 2 hours for physical meetings and 1 hour for the online ones.

Below you can find upcoming and past meetups:

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