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Environmental Impact

Sustainability Knowledge Group is committed to improving the environmental footprint of its clients and supporting them to enjoy wide-reaching benefits. Although environmental footprint and climate change might seem too huge or too abstract a challenge, establishing reliable and well-suited mechanisms for effective management of activities and projects businesses can have positive environmental impact, secure high-investment returns and drive their reputation.

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GHG Reporting

GHG reduction is essential for every company in diminishing its environmental impact and adopting behavior which is more considerate of the climate change.

Sustainability Knowledge Group will assist your organization in:

  • Assessing your CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases emission
  • Identifying direct and indirect sources of emission and setting corrective strategies aligned with local, regional and international benchmarks
  • Familiarizing your team with the Carbon footprint concept and the best approach to quantify and manage Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Identifying the best ways to reduce your footprint, cost and risks
  • Ensure the results of GHG audit are accurately presented in Sustainability Reports and company’s strategy and well communicated
  • Advise you how to effectively communicate results with stakeholders.

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Climate Change Impact

Climate change is a global challenge affecting every part of the world, disrupting national economies and affecting communities and businesses. Business world needs to see climate change as an opportunity rather than environmental disaster and urgently take adaptation and mitigation actions to achieve real impact.

We can help you to:                   

  • Measure and mitigate your impact based on recognized methodologies
  • Develop or revise current vision and policy ensuring they contain all key elements to convey clear and straightforward messages
  • Build mutual understanding on needs and expectations with employees and partners
  • Carefully select your teams and train sustainability champions to spark ideas throughout the company and build engagement
  • Develop cultural values that will motivate eco-friendly behaviours and nurture strong champions to recognize the hidden opportunities for company’s improvement

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Science Based Targets

The Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative requires from organizations to set their targets based on the objective agreed in the Paris Climate Change agreement in December 2015: to keep global temperature increases below 2oC. This reduction in temperature can only be achieved through remarkable reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Sustainable Knowledge Group can help you to reach goals in improving your environment footprint and join Science Based Targets initiative. By setting a goal to decarbonize your products or services with precise timeframe and anchoring targets in science, we can help you to build resilience and gain competitive advantage. We will aid you in making assessments of company’s targets, reducing the barriers to adoption and highlighting the progress on emissions, waste and water management. Join an elite group of companies committed to Science Based Targets and be an inspiration to others.

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Green Buildings

Green or sustainable buildings refer to buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their life-cycle and are based on the application of processes that eliminate negative impacts and make a positive contribution to climate and natural environment. In addition, green buildings largely contribute to improving urban living conditions, enhancing the living and working quality of people, and thus forming a fundamental part of Smart Cities. Since green buildings tackle environmental, social and economic issues simultaneously, they present an effective and indispensable way to achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Their characteristics include:

  • Reducing pollution and degradation of environment
  • Increasing efficiency in energy, water, use of land, materials
  • Improving quality of residents’ life, health, comfort and wellness
  • Energy saving, use of Renewable Energy Sources and Reducing operating costs
  • Location and access to public transport 

Leading international systems, such as BREEAM, DGNB and LEED, are applied to improve sustainability in the built environment. Sustainability Knowledge Group works with green building experts, to support clients and respond to the rapidly changing environment and global real estate market.

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