Sustainability Reporting and Strategy Services

Stakeholders request more information on the sustainability practices, initiatives and performance of the organisation. A good sustainability report is based, on a sound sustainability strategy integrated with core business objectives competences which create business and social value. A good sustainability report is the one that meets rigorous standards, is easy to read and conveys the right message.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Knowledge Group can support you as an experienced and competent partner to identify your performance and disclose your impact.

Materiality Assessment

Sustainability Knowledge Group will work with you to identify the economic, environmental and social impacts that can create opportunities or pose risks to your organization.

External Assurance

We use international methodologies and standards for external assurance in order to verify and add credibility to your sustainability report.

Assessment & Benchmarking

A sustainability assessment will provide the BoD, CEO and top management of your business, with an accurate snapshot of how far down the CSR road you are.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is crucial to the development and success of any company. Stakeholders demand transparency and actions that portray the responsibility of the company towards society and nature.

CSR Initiatives

Effective CSR initiatives is the link that connects strategy and vision with stakeholder loyalty and long term growth. Our team will help you identify the right CSR initiatives to empower stakeholders and create value.

SROI Analysis

Responsible companies create value across their operation chain in many different ways. But what are the real benefits and the social  value created?