4 February 2015

GlosSustainability Knowledge Group has published a free-to-download glossary of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility terms! The glossary is part of the resources of the Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional training provided by the company.

“We realize the misconceptions that exist in the sustainability field. This guide is the first step towards increasing awareness and establishing a common language in business,” says Aglaia Ntili, the managing director of Sustainability Knowledge Group and author of the glossary.

With easy to understand terminology and links to portals, news sections, international organizations and guides, the CSR and Sustainability Glossary aims to give an easy to grasp explanation of terms and their practical application in business. Instead of wasting precious time on search engines, the CSR and Sustainability Glossary is a fast way to understand specialized terminology. The terms included are the ones mostly used, however, the experience in training has showed that they are also the most ambiguous.

Should you have any questions about the glossary, please contact us!