20 February 2017

The Managing Director of the Sustainability Knowledge Group, Aglaia Ntili, has won the highly respected Global CSR & Sustainability Leadership Award at the Global CSR Summit in February 2017 at Mumbai.

The Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards recognise the highest performing individuals and companies in the CSR and sustainability sectors.

With almost fifteen years of experience in the field Aglaia is the driving force behind the Sustainability Knowledge Group, which is establishing a reputation for excellence in sustainability advisory services, including sustainability assessment, strategy, reporting, social return on investment (SROI), stakeholder management and internationally certified training courses.

She believes her success is due to her commitment to quality and empowering companies and individuals to become more sustainable and self-reliant by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to strategise, disclose and communicate sustainability performance. To this end she founded CSR Coaching, which is establishing a global reputation for supporting professionals in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainability Knowledge Group also provides additional value by staying on top of trends and the latest requirements for international standards and guidelines so that clients know they are in safe hands.

“It’s vital that companies are able to strategise, implement and report measures, activities and performance effectively. I’m so pleased when I can see that our clients are not only grasping how to apply sustainability and CSR to their company but they are also seeing the profound benefits of doing so,” Aglaia said.

Aglaia is certain that the benefits are far reaching and will guarantee that companies have bright and successful future. “A focus on sustainability and CSR brings greater value to the business and the stakeholders and leads to more informed decision making. The companies we work with now understand their environmental and social impact and realise that with the right strategies they can minimise negative impact and utilise effective sustainability tools to optimise positive impact, internally and externally,” she stated.

In addition to winning the award Aglaia presented at the conference on the role of sustainability leaders in an era of change. She covered how to respond to disruption, the impact of global megatrends, the benefits of CSR coaching and the roles and responsibilities of sustainability professionals.

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated in creating value, through strategic CSR and sustainability solutions. Sustainability Knowledge Group provides tailor made training, coaching and advisory solutions grounded in international theory and successful application, and focuses on proven methodologies that bring tangible results, measurable impact and create better businesses.


If you would like to know more about how to lead in sustainability, utilise proven tools and gain new skills, contact the Sustainability Knowledge Group at: [email protected]

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