20 December 2016

Alleem2The 8th Alleem Business Congress on Sustainable Development was held on December and was a first class opportunity for local leaders to share their vision for the future and to present their ideas on sustainable growth. Held in the Radisson Blu Resort Hotel in Sharjah, the congress attracted a diverse audience from a variety of sectors and served as a platform for benchmarking against the best international practices.

It was a special day for Sustainability Knowledge Group as our Managing Director, Aglaia Ntili was called to share her experience from working with a diverse set of companies from Europe and the Middle East. Aglaia shared her perspectives on developing sustainable businesses, talked about the Sustainability Imperative and gave practical guidance on how to identify and overcome real issues faced by the most organizations today.

Aglaia Ntili stated “It was an honor to be invited by Dr. Alleem to contribute to this inspirational Congress. By sharing our experiences and learnings from our journey to sustainability, we can help other organizations to adopt tools and techniques that have positive impact. It is our priority to assist organizations to make a difference in their communities and achieve long lasting tangible outcomes.”

Stimulating presentations on international trends and opportunities in sustainability, enabled participants to adopt best practices and reap the benefits from implementing sustainability in their organizations. The Congress gave the stage to top executives, professionals and academics to present their input on major sustainability issues. It also gave business leaders and decision-makers the opportunity to interact and to share their experiences with industry and technology leaders.

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