3 May 2015

green_businessIn a packed venue, in the Procter & Gamble Complex in Jebel Ali, we enjoyed a half day meetup event with a twist!. Structured differently compared to our evening events, our meetup hosted a selection of speakers who spoke about Green Business Opportunities.

Co-organised with Sustainability Business Network (part of the Green Emirates) the meetup touched on a wealth of Sustainability issues, from energy and water efficiency, to solar, product innovation, green entrepreneurship, regulations and sustainability impact.

Sustainability Knowledge group contributed with a presentation “The journey from Input to Impact” where we emphasized on the importance of measuring sustainability outputs in order to prove the value of sustainability initiatives.

Output and activity metrics alone, cannot indicate positive societal changes being achieved or if unintended harm is caused. In the case of program initiatives such as signature projects, companies share a strong connection with the cause and are concerned about the social outcomes of their efforts. We spoke about the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology which is helpful for identifying and evaluating impact of your activities, as well as showcasing the positive impact of CSR initiatives can have on stakeholders

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