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Professional Coaching

As Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are becoming essential in every organization’s business strategy and culture, Sustainability professionals now require greater support to achieve organisational, business and personal objectives and lead effectively. The reasons why professionals turn to coaching vary significantly and depend on the personality and business role of the coaches. Usually, it is about personal skill development, achieving work-life balance, handling stress, managing people or projects, overcoming conflict or career transition.

This service focuses specifically on areas related to Sustainability and we work with people directly or indirectly involved in the management of Sustainability.

Our role is to:

  • Discuss effectively and objectively your ideas and considerations
  • Keep you focused and on track
  • Motivate you to find solutions that fit your values and perspectives, to take necessary action and move forward with confidence
  • Support you in achieving your business goals and maximising your impact
  • Assist you to overcome professional challenges and see things clearly
  • Guide you to unveil hidden opportunities in current challenges
  • Offer support throughout the coaching process
  • Help you explore the best choices for you based on where you are now and your vision for the future
How it works

When you sign up for coaching, you enter into a fruitful partnership with your coach. Together we will work towards achieving progress towards your professional goals, improving performance and overcoming challenges by adopting new, targeted methodologies and behaviours. We see coaching as a continuous learning process through which you can achieve your full potential; therefore, you also need to be committed, accountable for the coaching process and the tasks you agree to in this process Our sessions are suitable for managers, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. 

The relationship with your coach:

  • Is confidential and your privacy is assured
  • Is based on respect and trust
What to expect

You are here probably because you have found yourself in a business situation which you are unsure how to handle; you feel you need expert support, advice or validation; you are thinking of making a career shift towards Sustainability. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate sustainability novice, our coaching and mentoring services will help you realize your business objectives and guide you through a successful career path.

You, like most of our clients, may relate to the following professional challenges:

  • You have been promoted to a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability position, but you are unsure of your role and the impact you can create
  • You are involved in a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability project and need expert insight on how to start or need input on your next steps
  • You need discreet support and guidance on a Sustainability related project, task, or to manage a Sustainability related challenge
  • You need tips and to learn new techniques on how to handle specific issues pertaining to CSR and Sustainability
  • You would feel more confident with some qualified support and validation
  • You are strategizing a successful transition to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability and wish to develop professionally

Consultation Call at no cost

Before we start our coaching partnership, it is very important to know each other. Therefore, we recommend a consultation session where we will have the opportunity to clarify your current situation, your goals and discuss the methodology to follow. The purpose of this session is to get to know each other, talk and see whether we are a good fit. You can ask us any questions will help you feel more comfortable working with us. We will also ask you questions related to your goals and the reasons for contacting us.

The duration of the Consultation session is 30 min and is free of charge.
The Consultation session is not a coaching session.

Request your free consultation here: or book an appointment.

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