Nurturing a new generation of Sustainability leaders


Our recent Sustainability Strategy & Reporting Executive training took place in Dubai on the 26th and 27th of June gathered a diverse group of participants from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, and Dubai. Participants originated from different sectors and organizations such as Auditing, Logistics, Food and Beverages, Associations and Universities. During the two-day advanced training course, our participants became familiar with the all key topics that are important in order to develop their Sustainability strategy and plan their Sustainability reporting. The curriculum covered: the business case for Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Stakeholder Management, Circular Economy and Sustainable Supply Chains, Sustainability Assessment, Sustainability Strategy, Materiality Assessment, Sustainability Reporting (including GRI, SASB, ISO26000, UNGC) and Sustainable Communications. Participants gained important practical knowledge and skills on how to create a roadmap for strategy implementation, develop effective Sustainability strategies, report Sustainability performance and disclose Sustainability progress and align Sustainability and CSR with core business strategy.

100% of our participants would recommend the training to other professionals

A new series of Sustainability related trainings will be offered during 2019 in MENA and Europe, to further support professionals integrate Sustainability in their business strategy and improve their impact. Our well-designed interactive training responds to the needs of experienced professionals, enabling each one of them to develop their talents, expand their capabilities end excel.

We are proud to see our participants ready and eager to embark on the Sustainability journey, to take the Sustainability agenda to the next level and to become a part of the new generations of Sustainability leaders.

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