Sustainability Knowledge Group is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with APlanet, a software company that offers sustainability tech solutions for organizations with the view to easily manage, track, and showcase their sustainability performance and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria.

Our digitalized environments require a constant exchange of data as well as seamless collaboration amongst remote teams. Operating in such constantly evolving contexts has increased the demand for innovative tools that help companies and organizations streamline all their sustainability activities in one single space while automating all tedious processes through an easy collect, manage, and report digital system.

With the growing demand of investors for ESG data becoming the new normal, organizations inquiring for credible systems to facilitate data collection and assessments. Our new tool enables the development of a comprehensive vision for sustainability, through next-generation dashboards to unify all your data in one place. It helps define the relevant indicators for each organization and sector and creates reports in accordance with global standards including GRI, SASB, and IR. Our clients will be able to view all sustainability information, report social and environmental impact aligned to global standards and reduce the administrative burden associated with creating reports.

Our partnership with APlanet will not only digitalize our sustainability services but will revolutionize the way we communicate, collaborate and do business in the years to come. And we are all very excited about the new opportunities arising.

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About Sustainability Knowledge Group:

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About APlanet

APlanet offers sustainability tech solutions for organisations to easily manage, track and showcase their ESG criteria. APlanet eliminates the challenges around sustainability data and initiatives management by automating the data collection process, aggregating data across your organisation or client portfolio, and making it easily shareable with stakeholders.

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