28 April 2014


We are in a great position to announce our 1st CSR Meetup in Dubai! This event is co-organized by Sustainability Knowledge Group and Dr Michael Hopkins Founder of CSR Meetup, Founder & CEO of MHCi and its subsidiary CSRFI. This event provides a unique opportunity to CSR & Sustainability advocates working in UAE to network, exchange ideas and best practices. CSR Meetup Dubai, is a platform that enables all professionals to discuss advanced CSR trends & Sustainability issues in order to gain greater insights.

Our firm is a strong supporter of bringing together CSR & Sustainability professionals and creating a network where they can advance their expertise and broaden their horizons on CSR through the exchange of ideas and professional experience. Collaboration and the exchange of best business practices on CSR &

Sustainability, is the key to help companies and organizations realize that a Sustainable Business is a forward thinking, respectable and profitable business.

This concept is closely linked to our Vision; to make Sustainable Business a choice for companies and organizations around the world. Our focus is to build a strong community of CSR & Sustainability professionals, who will meet regularly to share their success, obstacles, thoughts  and progress in a forward thinking and collaborative environment.

The 1st CSR Meetup in Dubai will take place on 3rd June 2014. To secure an invitation, please contact Ms Maria Zotali at: [email protected]

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