28 January 2015

CSRinAction_SquareOn 25th January, our Managing Director Aglaia Ntili, conducted a sustainability training for 24 young students from UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, UK, Australia and Argentina in Manchester UK, as part of the “CSR in Action” initiative. The day was dedicated in clarifying Sustainability and CSR issues, stakeholder engagement and reporting. It aimed at assisting young participants in developing value adding CSR initiatives,  identifying and evaluating the interested parties of their entrepreneurship projects and gaining a critical viewpoint regarding Sustainability Reporting. ‘We’re always happy to support initiatives that encourage young people to take on entrepreneurship and especially sustainability’, says Aglaia Ntili, the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group. ‘We believe it’s the new generation that will make all the difference.’

“CSR in Action UK” is an initiative designed by Al Ahli Holding Group’s CSR division, in partnership with the University of Salford, which aims to develop and enhance sustainability activities among students and professionals. Building on the highly successful 2011 program in Dubai and the subsequent additions in Lebanon, Dubai and Jordan, “CSR in Action” will be hosted in the UK for the first time.


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