Sustainability Knowledge Group is Institute Approved

Institute of Leadership Approved

Sustainability Knowledge Group is Institute Approved, having achieved independent verification from The Institute of Leadership for our Sustainability/ESG/CSR leadership development training courses. In today’s world of increased job mobility, the value of regulated training certifications is more important than ever.



Institute Approved Training Courses – public and in-house:

  1. Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional Training
  2. Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional Training
  3. Sustainability/ESG Strategy & Reporting Executive Training

Our training courses are independently verified as world-class by The Institute of Leadership. They have been approved and meet The Institute of Leadership Standard. Our courses have been recognised as supporting improved leadership practice and the content, learning materials and approaches have been assessed to be current, relevant and of a high quality, catering to the diverse needs of learners.

Participants can choose to join our public training courses or opt for in-house exclusive training at their company location for employees and partners.



The Institute of Leadership
The Institute of Leadership is the UK-based, world-renowned, professional membership body for an active, international community of over 50,000 leaders, managers, coaches and mentors. The Institute supports improving leadership and management practice in organisations. Founded in 1947, it has over 75 years of experience, it contributes to the conversation around leadership and management through research, insights and a community of practice across 70 countries. Its mission is: “Inspiring great leadership – everywhere”.



Benefits to the participants:

  • Receive international recognition and join an elite group of Sustainability professionals.
  • Gain advanced knowledge, build their and self-confidence and enjoy learning.
  • Benefit from coaching, support and networking opportunities.
  • Receive a Certificate of Achievement from The Institute of Leadership, recognising and celebrating their learning, achievement and success.
  • Complementary membership by The Institute of Leadership: “Member” Grade.
  • A digital credential that is sharable on social media, emailed directly to the learner.
  • A certificate of professional membership (“Member” Grade) emailed directly to the learner.
  • Post-nominal letters after your name: MIoL.
  • Enjoy complementary Studying Membership to The Institute of Leadership.



The complementary Studying Membership with The Institute of Leadership entails:

  • MyLeadership: Access to The Institute’s unique, curated library of online leadership development resources via its award-winning e-learning platform. MyLeadership comprises 49 components, covering all aspects of leadership and management, including videos, worksheets, scorecards, and much more.
  • MyCareers: Go further with access to career information, tools and resources to help you take the next step with confidence.
  • The Hub: Get involved with a community forum for leaders of all levels to network, learn and support each other.
  • Explore: An easy way to find everything you need to know about specific leadership topics, all in one place.
  • Events, webinars and podcasts: Including a Book Club, discounted entry to The Institute’s conferences, and the monthly podcast “Leadership at the Edge”.



Benefits to the employer/company of the participant:

  • Institute Approved recognition showcases the calibre of employee development within your organisation.
  • Customers and stakeholders can see at a glance that your managers are developed to The Institute of Leadership benchmark, validating your investment in talent.
  • Employees are equipped to drive progress, motivation and add proven value to the business.
  • Employees are provided with professional recognition related to their leadership learning and a commitment to continue developing as effective leaders and inspiring others to achieve excellence.
  • Employers benefit from the reassurance of rigorously-tested training courses.

If you’re not sure which training course meets your needs best, we will guide you to select the one that fits best your career plans.

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