9747383-trainingIn an ever-changing global business environment, individuals need to stay informed with the latest developments. Education is not a process which ends with a University degree! It is a lifelong process through which, individuals can acquire and retain the skills and knowledge necessary, to cope with the growing challenges of demanding professional conditions. What are the benefits that business professionals can gain from investing time and money in evolving their skills and knowledge? Professionals, who invest in knowledge and skills, build on their self-esteem, feel motivated are more active and successful since they learn new ways of conducting fruitful business or dealing with their job responsibilities. Individuals who invest on their training have greater possibilities of improving their employment prospects and claim better pay. In similar terms, businesses, which invest in the training of their employees, can reap significant benefits. Employees feel valuable since the company invests in them, which according to research, results in reduced labour turnover. A company with a skilled and efficient workforce can build and sustain a competitive advantage based on its human capital. This in turn leads to growth and financial gain for the business. The question that arises is how individuals and businesses can select a quality training program, which will validate the time and money they invest?
Here is where certification comes in!

Certified Training Programs

Certified training programs from an independent and recognised body assure your investment. High quality certification bodies guarantee that the training policy and procedures, address more than just the training content, they go beyond the delivery and guarantee the trainers’ experience, skills and competencies, and address among others equal opportunities, marketing, communication. Approval from an external institute/body, is the best way to assure the consistent quality of the content and structure of a training program. This alone adds value to the individual’s career and to the business alike. Since, many training providers claim they provide business training, it is imperative to seek for an approved training provider and a certified training from a trustworthy independent body. This will ensure the capacity of the provider to deliver high quality training programs, including course content, professional trainers and quality procedures.

Here are some tips to help you in the selection process

• Always ask about the process of certification. This should involve always the external institute/body

Do not compromise for electronic certificates. Credible bodies will provide printed certificates

• You can ask for the quality manual the training provider abides to and is approved by the accreditation body

• You can ask for their certificate as well!

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