17 January 2015

Can old archenemies, companies and NGOs, partner for sustainability? Indeed they can, and should! The 5th CSR and Sustainability Meetup on 15th January 2015 in Dubai talked how this can happen and why you should do it too!

Long gone are the days when NGOs were only activist groups and watchdogs causing headache to corporations, or when corporations underestimated the value of sustainable businesses, transparency and stakeholder engagement. Risk management, enhancing brand or corporate reputation and credibility are some of the reasons why businesses choose to partner with NGOs.

Gaining local knowledge and advancing community relations are important aspects as well. NGOs, on the other hand, have also recognized that they can achieve widespread and lasting change by harnessing the power of the market.

Couldn’t make it to the 5th Meetup? Join the next! On Tuesday 24 February Aglaia Ntili, Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, will share the latest do’s and dont’s in Sustainability Reporting. For registration please visit: http://www.meetup.com/CSR-Sustainability-Meetup-Dubai

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