Discussing the Sustainability Imperative at the 8th Alleem Business Congress

20 December 2016

Alleem2The 8th Alleem Business Congress on Sustainable Development was held on December and was a first class opportunity for local leaders to share their vision for the future and to present their ideas on sustainable growth. Held in the Radisson Blu Resort Hotel in Sharjah, the congress attracted a diverse audience from a variety of sectors and served as a platform for benchmarking against the best international practices. read more…

Insights on the changing face of marketing, communications and CSR shared at Canadian and Swiss Business Council seminar

10 November 2016

In recent years there has been a substantial shift in stakeholder perception of CSR and sustainability. Those companies that have established a strategic approach in stakeholder management, engaged with their stakeholders in a transparent manner and embraced an authentic Sustainability vision are reaping the benefits to their reputation and bottom line. read more…

Sustainability Knowledge Group supports UNDP and Lebanon’s Climate Initiatives

14 October 2016

lebanon_newsSustainability Knowledge Group announces its support to the Lebanon Climate Act initiative as knowledge partner for the implementation of a ‘Business Knowledge Platform’.  Aim of the platform is to enable businesses to design and implement activities for the reduction of their carbon footprint. This unique initiative is supported by the Ministry of Environment and UNDP. read more…

Celebrating 10 CSR & Sustainability Meetups in Dubai!

30 October 2015

We were very proud to celebrate our first milestone of 10 CSR & Sustainability Meetups in Dubai this week!
On 28th October, we hosted our 10th meetup at in5 Innovation Centre and were overjoyed to welcome a diverse audience of Sustainability professionals with a vast interest in the practical implementation of CSR and Sustainability. read more…

Sustainability Knowledge Group a AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider!

10 March 2015

AA1000-Licensed-Assurance-Provider-Sustainability-Knowledge-GroupSustainability Knowledge Group now has a licence to use the AA1000 Assurance Standard Marking in relation to its sustainability assurance services. This license allows the company to conduct external assurance, following the global principles Materiality, Completeness and Responsiveness of the AA1000 Assurance Standard, of sustainability reporting under any major framework including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), UN Global Compact and ISO26000.

read more…