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CSR Middle East

CSR Middle East platform is the leading source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability news, reports and information from the Middle East.

CSR Middle East was established in 2005 as a professional non-profit platform and the regional source and network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  & Sustainability in the Middle East. CSR Middle East promotes corporate social responsibility in the region based upon the sharing of CSR updates, solutions and shaping the modern day business.


Eco-Business is a media company serving Asia Pacific’s cleantech, corporate responsibility and sustainable business community. Eco-Business platforms include the award-winning site, which is the leading regional online publication in this space, and the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, which is Asia’s apex event on sustainable and responsible business.

Eco-Business publishes the top stories, features, analyses and insights into the region’s sustainable business scene, to keep readers informed and enable organizations to make educated decisions.


CSRwire is a digital media platform for the latest news, views and reports in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. Founded in 1999 to advance the movement toward a more economically just and environmentally sustainable society and away from single bottom line capitalism,

CSRwire has paved the way for new standards of corporate citizenship, earning the international respect of thought leaders, business leaders, academics, researchers, activists and the media.