External Assurance

External Assurance provides report readers, with increased confidence in the quality of sustainability data.

By verifying your  report, you strengthen the credibility of your content, data quality and processes. Your report therefore, becomes more reliable for decision making and trustworthy.

According to the latest aggregated data by GRI, in 2012, over 46% of reports listed on GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database indicated some form of external assurance.

Sustainability Knowledge Group:

  • Is an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider
  • Has verified competences in reporting and assurance practices
  • Applies quality control procedures to the assurance engagement
  • Applies a systematic, documented, evidence-based, assurance  procedure in reaching conclusions
  • Assesses whether the report provides a reasonable and balanced presentation of performance and data including the  application of the GRI or other Framework Guidelines
  • Issues an independent, objective and impartial conclusion based on international assurance practices

The benefits of external assurance include:

  • Increased recognition, trust and credibility
  • Reduced risk and increased value
  • Improved board and CEO level engagement
  • Strengthened internal reporting and management systems
  • Improved stakeholder communication

Assure the quality of your content

Add credibility to your report