CSR & Sustainability Meetups

The purpose of the CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai is to unite all CSR and Sustainability professionals in UAE! Our main goal is to network, exchange knowledge and expertise on Sustainability and CSR and increase awareness of Sustainability and social impacts.
Our aim is to generate new thinking on what best practice Sustainability might look like, both in theory and in practice, incorporating all aspects, social, financial, environmental, at a global and local level.

We offer a platform for open discussion and best practice exchange. Whether you are an experienced professional from Business, Environmental, Marketing, HR, Quality, H&S, Governance, Communication, Non Profit and other relevant fields, a passionate novice or a ”love-to-share” advocate, we welcome you to attend.

Guest speakers support us by sharing their experience and lessons learned, and we have so far addressed issues related to understanding CSR and Sustainability, Sustainable supply chains, communicating CSR and Sustainability, employee engagement.

Below you can find upcoming and past meetups:


20th MeetUp in Dubai by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals ‘’Energy and Environmental Sustainability’’

Tuesday, April 24th 2018

“Energy and Environmental Sustainability”

The 20th MeetUp brings fresh insights on energy efficiency and the role of energy professionals in managing Sustainability challenges and utilizing opportunities.

Unstable fuel prices, greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, internal strategic priorities and stakeholder involvement, create enormous pressures on companies to develop or adjust their strategy and corporate goals to meet more sustainable, low carbon, environmentally friendly innovations/technologies and energy efficient solutions. Sustainable economic development goes hand in hand with energy and environmental sustainability. Private and public sector need to prioritise internal energy efficiency, as well as manage environmental impacts arising from their operations. Improving energy efficiency, addressing environmental concerns and energy security are on top of the agenda of energy professionals who are looking constantly for ways to power economic activity and business advancements with less energy.

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19th Sustainability Meetup in Dubai by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

“CSR, mandatory contributions and the UAE national agenda”

Recent updates in the CSR front in Dubai make this meetup a must-attend!

In his recent address, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy stated that the UAE government seeks to ensure AED500 million in financial aid and in-kind support by UAE-based companies in furtherance of their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during 2017.

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13th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai “Sustainability and Ethics in fashion”

Wednesday, February 24th 2016

Sustainability Knowledge Group is happy to announce its 13th CSR & Sustainability Meetup on February 24th in Dubai!

During this event guest speakers will discuss the issues of sustainability and viability in small businesses. Special focus will be placed in responsible fashion and the case for sustainable fashion ventures in the region.

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11th CSR & Sustainability Meetup: Lets meet and talk!

Monday, November 23rd 2015

On Monday, 23rd November we invite you to special version of the CSR & Sustainability meetup. As participants you will have the opportunity to introduce yourselves and speak more about your ventures, journey, challenges and how you are moving forward.

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